And the Journey Begins…

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First, an introduction:  I am currently finishing my Bachelor of Human Kinetics at the University of British Columbia.  Originally I entered university with thoughts of becoming a PE and Japanese high school teacher.  But as I went through my degree and started taking HKIN courses, I realize I really love anatomy, physiology and sports medicine–injuries, prevention, treatment.  So as I got closer and closer to graduation, I started feeling that something is missing from my degree.  At the same time, I didn’t think I can go through medical school (too much studying (4+ years!), I’m not especially fond of clinical settings, PLUS I’m missing way too many science courses).  Then one day, BLING something clicked and my future seemed to shift in an entirely new direction.

One weekend after eating lunch, I was talking to my brother while driving home.  And he told me this story (not a direct quote):

You know that paramedic friend I told you about?  He saved a guy’s life the other day.  He was driving down this road one night in which everyone speeds on, and he thought, “oh what the heck”, and decides to drive over the speed limit.  Too bad for him, there was a cop car on the road and he got pulled over.  Turns out that this cop was a friend he trained with during his paramedic schooling.

Cop:  “Sorry, I gotta give you a ticket, my partner’s in the car.”

Paramedic:  “Yeah, okay…”

Did I mention earlier that people always speed on that road?  Well guess what?  A speeding car goes by and sees the cop car and decides to suddenly slow down.  Mistake.  The car behind the slowing car couldn’t react fast enough and rear-ended the poor guy.  

Cop tells paramedic:  “I gotta deal with this first.”

Paramedic friend decides to help out with the crash.  The cars were totaled and one of the drivers had a collapsed lung and not breathing (my brother couldn’t remember exactly what was wrong but something along those lines).  He ended up having to make an incision into the patient’s throat to keep his airway open and to ventilate him.  Anyhow he saved the driver’s life and the cop tore up his ticket.

That story changed everything.  I didn’t think about wanting to be a paramedic right after hearing it, I just thought first aid was neat and useful.  But after some mulling, I decided being a paramedic could be a possibility.  I enjoy learning things hands on, helping others, a job that requires me to think, it’ll satisfy my medical interests and it sure as hell sounds interesting!  So after chewing on this idea of becoming a paramedic for about a month, I’ve decided I’ll give it a go.  I’m going to head to paramedic school after I graduate next year.  I can’t wait!


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