Quick Update

So I’m done all my exams and have been relaxing a little bit and doing some planning for my trip to Japan.  The weather is beautiful, and since I’m so free, it would have been a great time to do some more ride-alongs and get some more experience.  I have talked to the UC and he said I’m more than welcome to do more rides with Paramedic H.  However, since BCAS paramedics are striking at the moment, they aren’t allowing mentor-ing, precepting, or ride-alongs as an observer.  So I will have to wait till the strike is over.  

My first aid certificate for work is expiring, so I’ll be doing a course next week with St. John Ambulance.  I’m planning to do some volunteering with them until I can get into medic school, so I’ll see how that goes.  So until the strike is over, and I’m back from my trip, things will be a little quiet around here.

Have a good summer!  🙂


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