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The Journey

It has been a year since I’ve started this blog and first thought of entering paramedicine.  Funny thing is that it’s been a year and I still haven’t started paramedic school yet (it’ll start soon! In June), but my drive to become a paramedic is still as strong as the first day.

So I looked through my blog and here’s a summary of what I’ve done in the past year:

Last January, I remember thinking if it was possible for me to wait a whole year and a half to finish my degree before pursuing this dream of mine.  Time sure flew by.  Only four months left until my congregation ceremony where I’ll receive my $21,448 piece of paper with my name and “Bachelor of Human Kinetics” written on it along with a couple of illegible scholarly scribbles from the Chancellor, President, and Dean.  It is unfortunate I have not been able to do more ride-alongs since March due to the current paramedic situation in BC.  However, over the past year I did get the opportunities to meet a lot of different patients through volunteering with St. John Ambulance and in the ER.  So I thought for my blog’s anniversary post, I’ll share with you a few things, out of the many that I’ve learned from my patients:

  1. Did you know that Bounty keeps mosquitoes away better than repellents?  Try it, you’ll be surprised.
  2. You can never find an IV pole when you need one.  Human IV poles are a poor substitute.

  3. Apparently to some people, it’s better to pee outside in public while having your smoke than to walk 5m to do your business then smoke outside, or vise versa…and of course, washing your hands is over-rated.

  4. Never name your son Axel, because people will mishear and call him Asshole.

And so starts year two of this blog…


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