I’ve been looking forward to today for a couple of weeks.  Today’s the follow up of the bike patrol course where we do some review on defensive biking, formations, safety, medical responses, and of course the best part:  Running scenarios on a bike.  Then three days before the course, I sprained my ankle badly  😦  So much for biking.  I still went to the course and despite limping around, had a good time.   Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to try out those fancy new Brodie Bandit bikes loaded with brand new panniers and medical equipment.  I felt like I was being teased, everything was in sight, but just out of reach.

In retrospect, perhaps spraining my ankle wasn’t so bad.  Since I wasn’t on the bikes, I was basically patient for the scenarios and spent a lot of time chatting with an officer who’s also working as a paramedic.  I was talking to him about EMR and whether I should get licensed or not, even though I’m planning on applying for the PCP program in January.  One topic led to another, and somehow the topic of ride-alongs came up.  He said he was more than happy to take me on some.  Sweet!  

It has been a year and a half since my last ride-along.  I’ve gained a lot more knowledge and skills within that time, so the ride-alongs should make more sense this time around.  One week’s time to get off these crutches!


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