One Step Closer

So I know earlier in some posts I mentioned how I planned to do my PCP before applying for licensing and then working.  Well after I spoke with several other paramedics, it seemed like a better idea to get my EMR license and work first to build seniority while I go through my PCP program.  So with some pushing, nudging, and guidance from a friend, I got my EMR license application mailed in two days ago, and today I handed in my BCAS application for employment.  I’ll now cross my fingers and hope everything goes smoothly.  Lots more interviews and exams to go.

I finished my night shift last night.  It was very busy, didn’t get much down time at all.  I was lucky to catch one hour of “sleep”.  Unfortunately during that one hour when I was trying to get some nice shut eye, Travis McCoy’s song kept on playing like a broken record in my head:

“I want to be a billionaire, sooo frickin bad…Buy all the things I never had.”

It was soooo frustrating.  When I did finally sort of doze off, we get a call.  Overall though, the Alpha shift was good, had a huge variety of different calls and had one very very funny patient who caused all of us to break down in laughter after trying to keep a straight face the whole call.

So that ends the block of ride-alongs.  I want to say THANK YOU to the paramedics for putting up with me and showing me the ropes.  It was a lot of fun and I learned a lot.  At the end of the day, I was told I can do more rides in the future with them.  That’s a very generious offer, but for now, gotta get all this application paperwork and studying done on top of other things. It took a while, but feel like I’m slowly starting to get somewhere.


5 thoughts on “One Step Closer

  1. I thought seniority as an EMR didn’t count towards seniority as a PCP?

    Are you sure you won’t be brought back to 0 when you get your PCP license?

  2. There is no difference in seniority for license level. Some people with EMR will do PCP training 5-10 years later, and once they finish it they are eligible for and immediately get hired into full time jobs because they already had so much seniority.

    Good luck!

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