Okay where to begin? Too much has happened in the past week.

I went with SJA to the interior for the past seven days.  I had a ton of fun.  On our drive there, our superintendent mentioned a familiar name and how the meeting with him had went well.  Hmmmm, I thought that name had a familiar ring to it.  Then I asked what his last name was, and BLING.  I couldn’t help but smack myself in the head.  It was an ARE YOU SERIOUS!?!?!? YOU GOTTA BE KIDDING ME! moment.

You probably have no idea what I’m talking about.

In the last post called The Wall I mentioned how I kept on missing the Superintendent because everytime I’m at the BCAS office or near the office he happens to be out.  Well guess what?  I’ve ALREADY met him.  Only neither of us knew. Turns out I met him at the Abbotsford Airshow during one of my SJA duties.  He was the Post Commander for my post, while I was on the roving team at that post.  It just never clicked that he was the one I’ve been corresponding to over the past year because I never inquired about his last name when we worked together.  Small world huh.

Anyways, this morning I received in my mail a gift from him in appreciation of the painting.  He did mention about giving me a trinket (this was before I placed his name to a face), so I was expecting something small like a pin.  Instead inside the box I found a BCAS baseball cap, a pin, some stickers, his business card, and a plaque.  What a surprise.  I feel like a kid at christmas, getting totally spoiled.

Creative Commons License
Thank you for the gifts 🙂

On another note.  I got a call today from BCAS telling me to go in for an interview on the 22nd of September.  So looks like the ball is rolling and it’s not stopping for a while.  I’m feeling a bit nervous after receiving the call.  Speaking of interviews, I have also received a notification for an interview and assessment at JIBC for the PCP program in January.  That interview will be on the 20th.  Two interviews in three days.  Let the fun begin!


Creative Commons License

Before I end this post, I want to commemorate Bolinha, our capoeira group’s dog.  I did not find out about his sudden passing till I got home from the interior.  He reminded me of how fragile life can be and to enjoy every moment with the people you love.  Over the past four years, he had always been a great buddy and I will never forget the wonderful moments we have had together.  I will miss him greatly.

RIP Bolinha.  Te Amo.


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