My First Station?

I was about to get into my car and head to work when my cell phone started ringing in my pocket.  I took it out and looked at the display and it showed the HR assistant’s name from BCAS.  My heart started to pound, I knew exactly why she was calling since she left a message on my home answering machine yesterday about a job opportunity (unfortunately I was out studying then had to head for work, so was unable to reply till late at night).  I unfolded the phone and answered the call.

She told me that she had received my message from last night that I was interested in the station they offered me and she said she will forward my name to the Unit Chief who will then contact me.  It is only after the UC has phoned me that she will open up a file for me in the data base and she’ll send me all the employment information, orientation documents etc.

I couldn’t believe this was happening.  I just finished my fitness test 5 days ago…I also never expected to get a station that was considered “close” to my home  and a decent commute (aka less than 3hr drive and no ferries).  I had long decided that it’ll be a long shot, a jackpot to land a decently convenient station.  I guess I hit the jackpot today.

I’m crossing my fingers that the UC won’t mind me taking education leave in mid-January for my PCP program.  At most I will only be available for December and January and I can probably squeeze in a couple of shifts in February if it’s really necessary.

Wish me luck!  I’m hoping things go smoothly.


One thought on “My First Station?

  1. M!!! I am so proud of you! 🙂 you’re well on your way into fulfilling that dream of yours that started a few years back. all your hard work is slowly paying off! but more hard work is in sight. keep at it 😉

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