New Year, New Look

So before I knew it 2010 has ended and now it’s 2011!  What on earth happened?  I felt like this year just blew by way too quickly.  It kind of left me stunned.

Anyways I decided to try a new look for 2011, from the plainer baby-blue/white background to the gray splatter on. Like all things, there are some features I really like about this new theme, and others not so much.  I like the artsy look and how it looks more modern, the grey splatter and red seem to match the title of my blog well and clearly outlines the entries.  I also like the sidebar and its menus.  However, because of the more artsy and street look, it does look a little less professional (although this shouldn’t matter since it’s a personal blog anyways), and currently I’m not sure if I can still use my old header with the ambulance and the night life of the streets.  I’m still deciding but I’m leaning on keeping this new theme unless it fixes me from changing headers.

Feel free to let me know what you think, whether you prefer this one or the previous one and why.  I’d love to hear from you.

Happy New Years!

As it turns out, I can’t personalize this theme.  So I’m going to try a couple of different ones and see which one I’ll stick to.  In the meantime the blog may be kind of strange depending on when you view it 😛

***Update #2***
I think I have decided to stick to this theme that I have up now.  It enables a lot more options, it’s clean, got a more urban look, and I can make the blog unique to how I would like it displayed.


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