Which One’s the Patient? Paramedic or Elderly Lady?

We responded to an elderly lady SOB (short of breath).  This felt like any other call, as we gave her oxygen via mask.  I started checking her blood pressure when I suddenly started to feel a funny sensation in my nose.

CRAP!  Not right now!

I quickly stopped what I was doing and grabbed some tissue from my pocket.  I brought it up to my nose, praying for it to be not what I think it would be.  I pulled the tissue back and sure enough, what I didn’t want: BLOOD.

I looked at my patient, and she looked back at me as blood started to rush out of my nose, soaking my gloves.

Great!  Now I can’t even touch my patient without smearing blood all over her.

Turning to my partner, I asked him to take over for me.

Now this wouldn’t have been so bad if we were at a quiet location.  Unfortunately, lucky me, we were just outside a gate to a very busy event.  There were people, literally, A WHOLE LINE-UP of people filing through constantly.  And of course we drew attention.  At this point, I especially drew attention.

Common!  Common!  Stop bleeding!

I knew how silly it all looked.  I wished I wasn’t in uniform.  Who am I trying to kid?  There’s nothing professional about a paramedic who’s trying to help someone with blood pouring down their face.

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4 thoughts on “Which One’s the Patient? Paramedic or Elderly Lady?

  1. HAHA! nice picture! guess what I saw today!
    there was an elderly lady at the bank, SOB and needing oxygen…the paramedics came and I totally had your picture in my mind the whole time. Wanted to wait and see if the paramedic would get a nose bleed but I was in a hurry…

    1. Hey Queenie. Lol your comments always make me laugh or smile.

      Ohh really? Why do you like the old layout better? (would like some feedback)

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