From Sm to XXL in One Day

JH:  “Hey!  Who threw you in the dryer last night??  (chuckles)”

I looked at my friend as I shook my head with a grin.

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Paramedic Academy T-shirt

Lesson of the day: DO NOT forget your uniform!

I woke up this morning and wanted to get to school early to study.  So I was in a bit of a rush and accidentally left my paramedic academy t-shirt at home.  Our uniform consists of navy blue pants, black 8″ boots, white military button-on shirt with the paramedic academy logos on the sleeves, and of course our navy blue t-shirt (I’ll call it “blues”) worn during simulations and scenarios.  Rule is, if one person forgets their blue shirt, then the rest of the class must wear their white shirts because we must all be “uniformed”, and I’m sure my classmates would not have enjoyed rolling around on the floor as patients in their whites.  Needless to say, today was the day I forgot my blues.


Me:  “Shoot!!!  I forgot my shirt at home!”

My classmate and my instructors look at me.  It was still fairly early, but people are slowly filing into class.

Me:  “AUGH!!  I guess I have to go up to the bookstore to get a shirt.  (Pause).  Dammit!  The store doesn’t open till 10:00.”

I started to look desperate.

Big Guy:  “Oh!  I have an extra shirt in my car, you can borrow mine.”

Me:  “Awesome!  Thanks!”

Except that the only person out of the class who happened to bring an extra shirt is 6″6 and wears XXL.  And me?  I wear a small and I’m 5″1.  Awesome.

One of my instructors listens on with a massive grin.  I can see it written all over his face:  This is going to be fun!

Since I didn’t have much of a choice.  I changed into my friend’s shirt.  I looked absolutely ridiculous in it.  I stared at myself in the mirror.  The sleeves of the shirt hung down past my elbow to my forearm, and the armpit of the sleeves dangled at the level of my diaphragm.  The bottom of the shirt hung down at my legs.  I tucked the shirt into my pants, but that didn’t help make me look any better.

Me:  Juuust wonderful.  I look completely retarded.

I took a deep breath as I stepped out of the washroom and headed to the classroom.  As I walked down the halls, I obviously drew some looks and smiles from my classmates.  I entered the classroom door and waited for the tornado to hit me.  My instructors and friends had the biggest grin on their faces, some even started chuckling as  I tried unsuccessfully to sneak to my desk.

R:  “Is it just me, or did you shrink last night?”

K:  “I’m sorry, I can’t help it, but you just look like a midget.”

I just laughed.

Me:  “It’s all good.  I agree that I look absolutely ridiculous in this.”

I tried rolling up my sleeves, it didn’t help that much more.  I was the entertainment for the rest of the day, I thought that the amusement would end as the day waned.  Unfortunately for some, every time they looked at me, a large smile would form on their faces.

Nobody was antagonistic with their jokes, just harmless good-natured joking to ease the atmosphere.  I’m alright with that.  Laughter is a wonderful de-stressor.

So my advice: DON’T FORGET YOUR UNIFORM.  I got lucky, there were talks on the first day of class about having a spare sweaty uniform in class for anyone who forgets theirs.  Thank goodness that sweaty shirt has not materialized yet.


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