Exam Week #1

Our first exam we had was on the first week–Clinical Sciences 200 (mostly anatomy, physiology, some pathophysiology and medical terminology).  Starting tomorrow, we have a written 282 exam which covers Fundamentals 210, CS220, 221, 222, and OSH1 and 2, then two practical exams over the span of three days.

I’m not too worried about the practical exam (Trauma/Sager, CPR/AED), there are still a couple of things I need to brush up on and clean up for the practical, but the written exam feels rather ominous.  There’s just way too many materials to cover.  The exam is 100 questions MC.  However it covers over 35 chapters.  So in many of the chapters, there’ll only be one question asked.  The breakdown just doesn’t seem to correlate with the amount of studying.  As well, the amount of readings is a tad on the crazy side.  Each week, we would finish one booklet and a lot of readings from the text on top of that.  I thought to put the amount of materials into perspective, I’ve stacked all the readings and notes into one pile:

Creative Commons License
282 Exam

Intense?  Yup!  That’s the amount of reading materials we went through in just three weeks.  Wish me luck for tomorrow!  And good luck to all those in the same boat/future boat.


9 thoughts on “Exam Week #1

  1. If you need help with anything you’re welcome to drop me an email. I can try to give you an idea of what’s important / commonly tested. Good luck!

  2. good luck! I am in the same boat as you. I am attending the parksville campus and have the exact same feelings about this upcoming exam as you must.

    1. Hey Grin,

      Actually, that wouldn’t be a bad idea 😉 In fact, I’d say read the whole course material before the course even starts, it’ll make your life a lot easier.

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