First Precepting/Orientation Shift

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I’m quiet tired, so my writing will probably reflect that.  I just got home from a 13hr shift, so it’s gonna be quick and short.

Had my first precepting/orientation shift today.  For a busy station that I was stationed at, it was pretty quiet, we didn’t have a call till near noon then it got busy from all the snow and we went into overtime.  Overall it was a rather chill day(6 calls in total, 70% MVIs–Motor Vehicle Incidents).  I feel pretty lucky, not in terms of intense calls, but for the fact that I had an awesome and very knowledgeable preceptor.  He was very thorough and explained/discussed each call with me in depth.  He also asked me questions and got me thinking a lot, was very approachable in questions, and brought up some interesting points.  I think what I liked most was how he was really there to help me learn.  Since it was a quiet day, he could have just sat with me and watched tv, or did his things, but he didn’t.  Instead he’d ask me if I wanted to run some sims with him down in the bay.  It’s too bad I only got one shift, I would like to do more rides with him and gain more experience.

Today really taught me how little I know and much I still have yet to learn.  Not just in terms of skills and details, but also in my thought processes during a call, to think critically.  I can’t wait for the next two months of school which will get me into the heart and meat of it all.


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