Paramedics in the Hot New Blues

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New Navy Blue shirts

As of today, paramedics in BC will be wearing navy blue shirts instead of the traditional white.  All emergency services will now look alike.  There are many who voice their dislike for the new shirts, and there are those who seems to fancy the new blues.  Perhaps the biggest concern aside from personal ones is whether the public will be aware of this new change.  I understand the ambulance service will be holding a media event at BCAS headquarters at Virtual Way today, hopefully that’ll bring awareness to the public at large.  As to whether the new slim blues will make a difference at all to the public, to how patients interact with paramedics, etc. I guess only time will tell…



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9 Responses to “Paramedics in the Hot New Blues”
  1. grinmedic says:

    I wish they kept the blue/ yellow patches, they would stand out a lot more then the new ones.

    I’m curious, do the new shirts have “paramedic” on the back or are they blank?

    • PocketMedic says:

      I agree that the gold rims will stand out more. No it’s plain on the back. If it said paramedics on the back, it’d help identify who we are.

  2. Alana Harley says:

    I like the new ones….as a paramedic’s (Rob’s) wife….and being on well water…keeping the old ones white as everyone elses was damn near impossible! Bring em on!!!!

    • PocketMedic says:

      LOL. Good point about keeping them “as white as everyone else’s” If you know of a way to make the shirts stop itching, I’d love to hear it. I’ve washed them about 4 times and soaked them in softener, and they still itch (I do wear a shirt underneath too, it’s the sleeves).

  3. Come on, we both know you have a muuucch better photo that would showcase the new uniform…



  4. PCP-hopeful says:

    As the son of a PCP, seeing the white and black uniform come home every 4 days on for the last 20 years, I just cant get used to the blue uniform.

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  1. […] Note the large rotation light and siren for high visibility at any time of day, large reflective lettering to avoid confusion of being law enforcement professionals, durable iron helmet casing to protect from falling debris. We are also proud to announce the L4M3 mark 2 Paramedical uniform. We thank you for your continuing support and praise. Sincerely, Grin Medic For more information please visit: New BCAS uniforms as of August 2nd […]

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