That’s Not What I Meant – Part 2

One of the most gorgeous clinics I’ve been to
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My partner and I got called for a transfer to take a patient who’s a paraplegic to the hospital for an assessment by a doctor.  We got dispatched early and ended up in the waiting room just outside the doctor’s office.  So to pass the time, we started chatting and somehow the topic of massage came up.

Partner:  “Oh, I love massages, but sometimes the RMTs just go too light.”

Patient:  “You’re right, it’s no good when they lightly caress your muscles is it?”

Me:  “I can’t agree more…”

At this moment, the doctor opens his office door just as I say the following.

Me:  “…I like it hard!” 

I think I said it with a little too much enthusiasm and a little too loud.  The doctor looked at me strangely.  I can’t tell if he was trying to suppress a smile or just trying to pretend he didn’t hear what I just said.  My partner starts laughing her head off.  In my mind I’m thinking, noooo, I’m not trying to hit it off with this patient…

Me:  “Ahhhh…it’s not what you think…”

Patient:  “We were talking about massage.”

Doctor:  “Riiighhhhttt.” 

Why is it that timing never seems to work in my favour?


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