I have not written in a while simply because there has been nothing interesting for me to write about.  Another is because I’m very busy being bombarded by papers, assignments, projects and exams.  Here’s just a quick update: Approximately two weeks ago, BC Ambulance Service was handed over to the Provincial Health Authorities.  I wonder … Continue reading

A Bitter End to the Strike…For Now

  So the strike which had started back in April has finally ended after seven months. Or at least will end until the Olympics is over (I have a feeling the paramedics of BC will not back down so easily, especially after having been on strike for seven months). Lets take a look at the … Continue reading

Still on Strike

On Strike For You Paramedics are still on strike in BC. It has been 125 days and there appears to be no end to this battle. The government is refusing to return to the bargaining table.  Turning a blind eye to the deteriorating ambulance service will not solve any of the problems.  Many paramedics have … Continue reading

Ambulance Drivers

I want to deviate a little from my personal events and focus on some current issues and misconceptions about paramedics. I’ve been reading a lot of interesting blogs by paramedics and currently I’m reading Peter Canning’s book: Paramedic: On the Front Lines of Medicine. I find all that I’ve read interesting because it gives me … Continue reading

  • Courage is the discovery that you may not win, and trying when you know you can lose. -Tom Krause