4th Anniversary

Today is this blog’s 4th anniversary.  Wow, time sure has flown by, and I am left a bit stunned.  It felt like just yesterday I wanted to become a paramedic.  Looking back over the last year, I have dialed back quite a bit from writing due to what we would call:  Life.  However, I was … Continue reading

That’s Not What I Meant – Part 2

My partner and I got called for a transfer to take a patient who’s a paraplegic to the hospital for an assessment by a doctor.  We got dispatched early and ended up in the waiting room just outside the doctor’s office.  So to pass the time, we started chatting and somehow the topic of massage … Continue reading


Responded to the jail cells the other day for an overdose/intoxication: Pt: “I got dope on me. Here let me show you” Reaches with his hand underneath his pants to his crotch. Me: “Oh no, no, that’s okay, we don’t need to see your dope.” (Thank goodness it went no further than that)

To Give or Not to Give

**Before I start this post, I would like to thank all the support from my readers.  I have stopped posting for a while due to personal issues that I had to deal with.  I have to say that your support has been very encouraging.  Thank you. I got jolted out of my sleep as my … Continue reading


The other day, a friend of mine messaged me on facebook chat and told me he just had the coolest yet worse call he’s been to so far.  When I further inquired on his call, he tells me how he responded to a fatal MVI (Motor Vehicle Incident), upon arrival the two people in the … Continue reading


**Note:  This is a personal post and not meant as advice in any way on how to cope with a bad call.  I do highly recommend seeking CISD, as it was very helpful from my personal experience. So I have been on a writing hiatus for a good several months.  I believe I did mention … Continue reading

A 400m Waterfall

I don’t remember how I got there, my mind is a haze.  I find myself staring at the edge of a waterfall, watching the rush of white water roar over the mysterious ledge.  I looked around, what am I doing here?  Why am I wearing four layers of clothing plus a ski jacket, and mittens … Continue reading

A Bruise–Part I

Short post based on a real call.  Something to get the brain juices going a tiny bit. You were watching the basketball finals in a gymnasium.  Both teams had played great, the game had ended and you were just about to leave when you notice a lady on the ground by the bleachers.  You decided … Continue reading

Happiness is a Choice

A lot of things has happened to me in the last month.  It has been a roller coaster ride of ups and downs, it got me thinking a little bit more about life, death, happiness, sadness, and people we interact with every day.  It got me asking, what is happiness and what makes others happy … Continue reading

Brush with Death

January has been a stressful month, yesterday has been even more so.  I was driving on the highway to work.  Everything went as the usual, I was just two exits away from my destination when a vehicle decided to merge into my lane, a little too tight for my comfort.  It was no big deal … Continue reading

  • Courage is the discovery that you may not win, and trying when you know you can lose. -Tom Krause