What’s Your Diagnosis? Part I

I had an interesting call the other day and thought I’d share it with you as a case study.  Please feel free to post any thoughts on this call in the comments section. It was in the evening and so far the night shift has been busy.  Just as you get back to the station … Continue reading

A Bruise–Part I

Short post based on a real call.  Something to get the brain juices going a tiny bit. You were watching the basketball finals in a gymnasium.  Both teams had played great, the game had ended and you were just about to leave when you notice a lady on the ground by the bleachers.  You decided … Continue reading

What’s Your Differential Diagnosis? Part I

I while back, I had an interesting call.  This is the first part of two posts…  Read the call below and see what diagnosis you come up with. You were watching Emergency a tv series from the 1970s when the phone rang.  Your partner went to pick up the phone as you turned off the tv … Continue reading

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