Ignorance is Bliss?

We arrived on scene, Fire was already there with the patient.  I was informed this patient was having shortness of breath, felt dizzy and had blurred vision. Patient:  “I have Wolf Parkinson’s White Syndrome”. I’ve only ever had one patient with this syndrome before, it affects the wiring in your heart and can cause irregular … Continue reading

What’s Your Diagnosis? Part I

I had an interesting call the other day and thought I’d share it with you as a case study.  Please feel free to post any thoughts on this call in the comments section. It was in the evening and so far the night shift has been busy.  Just as you get back to the station … Continue reading

To Give or Not to Give

**Before I start this post, I would like to thank all the support from my readers.  I have stopped posting for a while due to personal issues that I had to deal with.  I have to say that your support has been very encouraging.  Thank you. I got jolted out of my sleep as my … Continue reading

A Bruise–Part I

Short post based on a real call.  Something to get the brain juices going a tiny bit. You were watching the basketball finals in a gymnasium.  Both teams had played great, the game had ended and you were just about to leave when you notice a lady on the ground by the bleachers.  You decided … Continue reading

Haul’er Up!

SAR:  “Where’s the medic?!?!” Me:  “I’m right here!” SAR:  “Okay I need you on this side, and two carabiners through the two loops there.” Me:  “Okay.” I grabbed two carabiners from the blue mat and clipped them onto my harness as I wrestled into a backpack loaded with medical equipment along with an O2 tank. … Continue reading

“Whoooaaaaa…that’s insane. Or insanity-causing.”

I was recently talking to one of my friends when she asked me how my course was going.  So I told her my current paramedic-student “ritual” and her comment was: “Whoooaaaaa…that’s insane. Or insanity-causing.” I think my friend nailed the PCP (Primary Care Paramedic) course 100%. I guess they weren’t exaggerating when they said I’ll … Continue reading

Ambulance Drivers

I want to deviate a little from my personal events and focus on some current issues and misconceptions about paramedics. I’ve been reading a lot of interesting blogs by paramedics and currently I’m reading Peter Canning’s book: Paramedic: On the Front Lines of Medicine. I find all that I’ve read interesting because it gives me … Continue reading

Ride-along Out of the Blue

I had my first ambulance ride-along today.  The ride wasn’t crazy exciting (well maybe it was, because it was my first time ever), but it was definitely interesting.  And this all happened as if God planned it. On friday, I went to the Academy to train capoeira, but was locked out since my teacher wasn’t … Continue reading

  • Courage is the discovery that you may not win, and trying when you know you can lose. -Tom Krause