Happiness – Is there a Secret?

Today I want to touch on two topics that goes hand in hand:  Happiness & stress. When I tell people I work as a paramedic, they automatically relate to the job as being stressful.  That is true.  They often relate to stress as a paramedic from the calls we get, the things we see.  That … Continue reading

2 Weeks Left!

Finished my medical block today! Had practical exams today and yesterday, and the written the Friday before.  Its been a long week, especially since I helped out with the C.A.S.M (Canadian Academy of Sports Medicine) course on Saturday.  The C.A.S.M workshop was a lot of fun.  It’s basically a workshop (CME) for doctors from across … Continue reading

  • Courage is the discovery that you may not win, and trying when you know you can lose. -Tom Krause