What’s Your Diagnosis? Part I

I had an interesting call the other day and thought I’d share it with you as a case study.  Please feel free to post any thoughts on this call in the comments section. It was in the evening and so far the night shift has been busy.  Just as you get back to the station … Continue reading

What’s Your Differential Diagnosis? Part II

Note:  This post is open for discussion and by no means does it mean the thought process discussed here is “the correct” one;  There are many different thought processes that can go through this call, and each different path is valuable.  I found this particular call interesting and worthwhile in sharing. So given the case … Continue reading

What’s Your Differential Diagnosis? Part I

I while back, I had an interesting call.  This is the first part of two posts…  Read the call below and see what diagnosis you come up with. You were watching Emergency a tv series from the 1970s when the phone rang.  Your partner went to pick up the phone as you turned off the tv … Continue reading

Take Those Sunglasses Off for a Better Tan

Okay, lets all admit it, summer this year has been pretty crappy.  In fact, it feels like winter still!  So how do you make the most of the sun on those occasional toasty days?  How are you going to work on that desperately needed tan?  The answer is this:  TAKE OFF THOSE SUNGLASSES! You must … Continue reading

NYD Frustration

*Note:  The story below is a call we ran in class. We got called to a law firm, code 3 for an unconscious collapse on the 15th floor.  Me and my partner got our gear, and entered the fancy building with polished floors.  We were met by a frantic looking secretary as we wheeled our … Continue reading

Iron–The Gold Mine in Our Body

I will be out of the country for two weeks, where I’m not sure if I’ll have internet access.  So I thought I’d leave you with an interesting fact which I had written back in September 2009 on FB. You learn something new everyday. Well today I learned something interesting about iron (might not be … Continue reading

The Funny Bone

I took a shift tonight. Expecting it to be a quiet night, I settled in to relax and enjoy the concert.  As one of the starting bands started their show, we got dispatched to “a child crying”. I lead our way up through the dark tunnel as a host motioned us to one of the … Continue reading

The Bystander Effect

A good friend of mine told me a story the other day: I was studying in Starbucks on cambie and broadway facing the entrance door/windows. About 7:30pm, an old Asian (didn’t really see his face to specify) man stopped and leaned on the window, seemed like he was having a hard time, then lowered himself … Continue reading


My partner revved up the engine of the ambulance.  The four of us were ready to head home after 11.5hrs of duty out in the rain.  It had been a fairly busy day, lots of minor injuries from lacerations and abrasians to dislocations and fractures, but nothing particularly remarkable.  We were pulling out of the … Continue reading

Sudden Death Punch, Decorticate Posturing, Agonal Breathing

So just an update before I get to the real post: I’ve started my Emergency Medical Responder course, which is the most basic level one can work as a paramedic in BC, other provinces or countries call it EMT-B.  The course is very similar to OFA3 and AMFR, in fact I think it’s best to … Continue reading

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