Primary Care Paramedic Student Workload

I’m sure many people wonder what the workload is like as a primary care paramedic (PCP) student.  Because of my volunteering with St John Ambulance, I have kept a record of the hours I had spent in school for CME credits.  The hours listed below does not include the hours I spent at home studying, … Continue reading

Top 10 Tips for the New PCP Recruit

I was reading Grinmedic’s recent posts of going through the PCP program at the JI, so I thought I’d write a post on some tips I’ve learned from my experience.  Perhaps it’ll be helpful to some of you. Tip #1:  It’s a marathon.  Pace yourself or you’ll burn out and lose the race.  (I learned … Continue reading


I was having a good day, its been a relatively chill shift.  I couldn’t have asked for better, I’ve got great partners, we’re having a good time together, and it was a beautiful day.  We got about an hour and a half left of our shift before home time.  We were going routine to a … Continue reading


As of yesterday, I’ve been officially signed off by my training coordinator/school that I have completed the Primary Care Paramedic Program 😀  I can tell you I was more than happy to be done.  The practicum portion of the course had dragged on since the end of April, and our class has been backlogged from … Continue reading

Be Like A Duck

I am on my last precepting shift when we got a chest pain call.  We meet fire outside the house as we are about to head in.  ALS (Advanced Life Support, staffed by ACPs (Advanced Care Paramedics)) is on the way.  I’ve been to several chest pain calls, none of which were serious, so I … Continue reading

What to Expect–First Precepting Shift

I’m a little frustrated right now.  I left my whole June schedule open, didn’t plan anything at all so I can get my precepting shifts done.  Unfortuantely, and like many in my class, I wasn’t assigned any shifts AT ALL for June.  I figured, okay, I can’t get any shifts, so how about I ride … Continue reading

The Cocktail of Emotions

I am feeling a lot of mixed emotions right now.  All of them are competing against each other and seem to be short circuiting my brain.  I’m feeling euphoric with a dash of nostalgia, then suddenly there comes a spike of sadness, then a tinge of excitement and uncertainty.  If anything, it seems like I’ve … Continue reading

2 Weeks Left!

Finished my medical block today! Had practical exams today and yesterday, and the written the Friday before.  Its been a long week, especially since I helped out with the C.A.S.M (Canadian Academy of Sports Medicine) course on Saturday.  The C.A.S.M workshop was a lot of fun.  It’s basically a workshop (CME) for doctors from across … Continue reading

NYD Frustration

*Note:  The story below is a call we ran in class. We got called to a law firm, code 3 for an unconscious collapse on the 15th floor.  Me and my partner got our gear, and entered the fancy building with polished floors.  We were met by a frantic looking secretary as we wheeled our … Continue reading

I’m Still Alive!

So I realize I have not posted in quite some time.  Just wanted to say that yes I am still here and going strong!  I’ve just been really busy.  I was burning out from school a couple of weeks ago, and had to really step back to take one day out of each week to … Continue reading

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