The Truth

The truth can hurt. The truth can be scary. No worse, it can be terrifying. But the truth needs to be heard. Because the truth is powerful. And the truth can break boundaries, stigma, and connect people. The truth can heal. The truth is, I have PTSD. I had trouble writing in this blog ever … Continue reading

Primary Care Paramedic Student Workload

I’m sure many people wonder what the workload is like as a primary care paramedic (PCP) student.  Because of my volunteering with St John Ambulance, I have kept a record of the hours I had spent in school for CME credits.  The hours listed below does not include the hours I spent at home studying, … Continue reading

The Finish Line

So as of yesterday, I have officially finished all my licensing requirements for my PCP (primary care paramedic) license :D.  It was a long day, but a perfect day for an exam (there was a rain storm with wind warnings outside, aka plain miserable).  The practical exam consisted of three full scenario calls and one … Continue reading

It’s That Time of Year Again…

Ahhh the dread of it all…but it’s that season again, time for licensing!  Brings back memories, about exactly a year ago (August 2010) I did my licensing for EMR.  Now I’m back for more (as if I didn’t have enough fun last time), but this time for PCP-IV.  I’m telling you, it’s no easy task … Continue reading

The Absurdities of Life

The Absurdities of Life The nurses were dripping sweat. The doctors had an urgent pained look.   The patient severely short of breath.   The husband passed by weeping, crying. A suffocating atmosphere inhabited by scrubs, sweat, tension.   Inside the trauma bay the patient heaves heavily on a non-rebreather mask. Lines ran down her … Continue reading


I was having a good day, its been a relatively chill shift.  I couldn’t have asked for better, I’ve got great partners, we’re having a good time together, and it was a beautiful day.  We got about an hour and a half left of our shift before home time.  We were going routine to a … Continue reading


As of yesterday, I’ve been officially signed off by my training coordinator/school that I have completed the Primary Care Paramedic Program 😀  I can tell you I was more than happy to be done.  The practicum portion of the course had dragged on since the end of April, and our class has been backlogged from … Continue reading

Be Like A Duck

I am on my last precepting shift when we got a chest pain call.  We meet fire outside the house as we are about to head in.  ALS (Advanced Life Support, staffed by ACPs (Advanced Care Paramedics)) is on the way.  I’ve been to several chest pain calls, none of which were serious, so I … Continue reading

Paramedics in the Hot New Blues

As of today, paramedics in BC will be wearing navy blue shirts instead of the traditional white.  All emergency services will now look alike.  There are many who voice their dislike for the new shirts, and there are those who seems to fancy the new blues.  Perhaps the biggest concern aside from personal ones is … Continue reading

Seriously?!?! Seriously.

I looked at my watch:  o3:55.  We just got back to our station from a call.  It’s my 6th night shift, and I was more than eager to get a little shut eye.  I pulled off my boots, and just as my head hit the pillow, the phone rings. Ughhhhhhh…Just ignore it…the pillow feels so … Continue reading

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