Code 3 Driving–Lights n’Sirens

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Code 3

After a long drive over some passion tea, I finally pull into the driveway.  Well, today’s the day!  I hope I get signed off today so I can finally be done my probation.  I pressed the door code, entered the station and trudged up to the working quarters to meet my preceptor.

Me:  “Good morning!”

Preceptor:  “Oh, you must be here for the driving.”

Me:  “I sure am.”

We exchanged names and I greeted the Unit Chief as my preceptor started mopping the floor of the station.

Me:  “Do you need help with anything?”

Preceptor:  “No, no, you just sit down and watch the news and relax.”

I felt awkward sitting there on the couch, sipping my tea and watching the news while my preceptor mopped the floor.  But since he insisted, I made myself at home.  It seemed like a relaxing start to the shift.

Preceptor:  “Okay, lets head downstairs and we’ll check the car.”

As I headed down, I ran into a tall gentleman with a goatee, apparently he’s my preceptor’s partner for the day.  I felt kind of bad, because he’ll be stuck in the back of the ambulance since I’ll be driving the whole shift.  

Dispatch:  “99 Alpha 2, Code 3 for an MVA…”

I was just about to reverse the ambulance back into the proper bay….

Me:  “99 Alpha 2, 10-4.”

My first call of the day and it’s a code 3!  It’s looking like a good start.

(In order to get signed off for my code 3 (lights and sirens) driving, I have to do a precepting shift in the city where I have to drive at least three code 3 calls.  The preceptor will then sign me off if he deems I pass.)

I flicked on the lights and sirens as I go wailing down the streets.  I felt like Moses parting the sea as cars pulled over allowing me to pass.  Alright!  Common adrenaline rush!!  It was a long drive.  Common, where’s the rush?  I flicked the sirens from wail to yelp and back as I rushed past an intersection.  What the hell… I’m not feeling anything!!  In fact, I felt utter calmness and relaxation.  Argh!  What’s wrong with you?  Shouldn’t you be excited driving code 3??  I didn’t have much more time to contemplate about this as I arrived at the accident scene where two cars had collided and both cars were totaled.  I was disappointed as I flicked the sirens off and the auto-theft on that I didn’t feel anything during the drive.  

Me:  “99 Alpha 2, we’re 7-on scene.”

Dispatch:  “99 Alpha 2, 10-4”

My partners hopped out of the ambulance as I reached for the glove box to get some gloves before heading out.  Thats when I noticed…

                        …my hand was shaking.

Huh…maybe I did get an adrenaline rush.  But what good is an adrenaline rush if all it does is make my hands tremor?!?!?  Unbelievable!

I shake my head and with a sigh, hopped out of the ambulance to attend to my patients.


3 thoughts on “Code 3 Driving–Lights n’Sirens

  1. Maybe you’re used to the adrenaline now… kinda like getting used to certain drugs – you now need a higher dosage to feel anything. 😉

    1. Lol. Maybe…although I thought I’m still new enough in the service to still feel the rush, haha now I just sound like a junkie =X

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