EMR Certified!

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I’m officially EMR certified 🙂  Passed the written and practical exams with flying colours.  I really enjoyed the class.  My classmates and instructor truly made it an amazing and fun experience.  Thank you.

Now I just have to get my act together for the next step:  Criminal record check, CSEP Fitness test and writing a personal statement for the Primary Care Paramedic (PCP) program.


7 thoughts on “EMR Certified!

  1. Congratulations! I just got into reading your blog a few days ago, but I have read all the entries and love them! I myself want to join the Emergency Response line of work when I am older. I have found your tales and journeys very inspirational! I hope the few remaining steps go smoothly for you!

  2. Hi Kelsea,

    I’m glad you enjoy reading my blog, thank you for commenting, I always appreciate feedback 🙂

    Good luck with entering emergency services in the near future!

    1. Thanks Silv 🙂 It means I just got my foot wet. I could work at rural stations once I get licensed, but I’ve talked to some medics and they say it’s better for me to get my PCP before going for licensing. So I guess the next step is applying and getting a spot for the PCP program. Preferably in the Greater Vancouver area.

      1. You should apply with your EMR license. The sooner you get your employee number, the sooner you start racking up seniority. Plus you continue to get seniority while you’re in school for the 6 months of PCP, and BCAS will pay for your licensing fees once you are done the program too.

      2. Hi Kevin,

        Thanks for the comment. It’s funny because a medic I recently talked to said the same thing. I’m looking into it right now. Only thing is, I don’t think I’ll be able to do shifts during my schooling since it’ll be so jammed pack. So that’s the only thing I’m contemplating right now. Is it pretty easy to trade off shifts?

  3. Hey there,

    You only have to put in 8 shifts per month (where 1 shift is 12 hours), so you just have to find 4 solid days anywhere in the month to be available, whether that be 2 weekends, or 4 days in a row, etc. They usually will not even schedule you for all your available days, but you still get to keep building that seniority.

    By the time you finish PCP class, they will pay for your $450 licensing fee and you will have enough seniority already to get into a good station close to Vancouver. As an EMR you can probably get into a station that’s a 2-3 hour drive away.

    It’s definitely worth doing, in my opinion.

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