The Wall

This morning I headed over to the BCAS Human Resources center to write my last exam for licensing.  So as of now, I’m officially done!  All I have to do now is sit and wait for them to send me my license so I can work.

I talked to the lady at the front desk today and asked if she could fax my updated class 4 driver’s license to the other BCAS HR regions.  She was really nice and said she’ll do that for me and told me they’ll be doing interviews in September.  I told her that I don’t know how long it’ll be before they’ll send me my license.  She said not to worry and that they usually do the interviews first.  So hopefully I’ll be hearing from them sometime next month.

Almost a year ago, in September, I posted A Tribute (you can see the original painting there), which is a painting I did in tribute to all the paramedics for their hard work.  It wasn’t too long after I posted that painting online that I received an email asking if they can have my painting posted on The Wall at the BCAS Regional HQ.

Creative Commons License

The Wall is basically a collection of photos that has been collected over the years as an archive to preserve the history of paramedics in BC.  It was an interesting feeling seeing my painting on this wall of archive.  It was a good feeling.

Here are some photos I’ve taken of The Wall.  The colour is a bit off from the original due to the indoor lighting and the angle:

The Wall of Archive

Creative Commons License

Colour's a little off due to the indoor lighting and the angle

Creative Commons License

I was hoping I would get a chance today to talk to the Superintendent that posted my artwork up on the wall.  It appears that whenever I’m around the area he’s busy or at the other office.  I’m sure I’ll run into him sometime in the future.


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